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Student Council Members 2014 - 2015        

    • Welcome to the Student Council Page.

    • The Student Council of St. Vincent's Secondary School is a great part of the school.

    • The Student Council has done many things throughout the school ever since the Council has been organised.

    • The Council provides a place for students who have great ideas for the school and wants to improve our school.

    • Many students who join the Council are given the chance to be able to discuss ideas with other students to benefit the school.

    • The students here in the Student Council have organised many things throughout the year of 2014 and 2015.

    • Things such as organising our annual Halloween Fancy Dress day at the end of our first term to celebrate Halloween. This annual event is always organised by the Student Council and turns out to be a great success every year.

    • Other ideas are always shared among the students of the Council and sometimes from the other students from the school by putting ideas in our Idea Drop Box.

    • One idea that we managed to organise during 2014 was our Food Run. The Student Council, with some help of the teachers of our school, managed to collect canned goods and other treats from the Primary and the Secondary school.

    • These collected food and drinks were soon packed and sent to charity organisations in Dublin to hand them to homeless families and individuals around the county.

    • Other events such as the annual Sports Day is also organised by the Student Council with the help of all the teachers of our school.

    • These ideas are all organised within the Student Council and also from the ideas of some students within the school.

    • The students of the Council would not be able to do all of these without the supervision of Ms. Brown who is the Student Council Supervisor.

    • We also thank all of the other teachers who take part in some of the activities we try to organise and to our Vice-Principal, Mr. Bourke, and our principal, Mr. Horan.

    • Without all of their help the Student Council would not be able to accomplish all of these different ideas.

    • Mark Ajugar - Student Council Member

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