Home School Community Liaison Scheme


St Vincents Secondary School appointed Mr. Neil McCann as Home School Community Liaison Coordinator.

The Role of HSCL Coordinator

  • Preventative more than curative, promoting and fostering self-help and independence.

  • To show sensitivity to the personal situations and home situations when visiting.

  • To maximise active participation of students in the learning process, in particular those who may be at risk of failure.

  • To enhance the students' progress through education, their retention in the system and encourage their continuation in post-compulsory education.

  • To disseminate the positive outcomes of the scheme throughout the school


  • Home visits (Parents, aunts, grandparents, guardians)

  • Teaching staff

  • Care Team

  • Other HSCL coordinators

  • Feeder Primary schools and Secondary schools

  • School Completion Programme

  • Local Community Agencies

  • Pieta House

  • NEWB quarterly returns

  • EWOs for chronic cases


  • To be seen as being there to help the student and the family.

  • To establish a bond of trust with the parents.

  • Explaining rules and policies

  • To encourage attendance, participation and improved performance
  • Allay fears of students and parents re. bullying, substance misuse, homework support etc.

  • Sometimes visit is in response to parents requesting a call out to talk to the student

  • This year to date 145 home visits, whether on the balcony, at the door or invited in.


  • School attendance / Student participation and performance

  • Dissemination of information

  • Allay fears of pupil / parents

  • Substance abuse / Anti-bullying

  • Transfer programmes

  • Homework support

  • Seek to break down negative attitudes among some parents towards school and schooling

  • Encourage parents to be aware of their potential and offer information about services and suitable courses available.

You can find out more by calling in to the school or we can arrange to visit you at home. You can contact Mr.McCann at 087 2672123

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