• We aim to create a safe, student led and comfortable teaching environment for all the students. The HomeWork Club strives to enhance learning and teaching for everyone. The Homework Club has played a positive role in improving our students' school attendance and their attitude towards education.

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only.

  • It is only for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year.

  • Students are provided with a light snack such as pizza slices, sausage rolls, burgers or fruit to begin with.

  • The club starts at 3:40 and finishes at 5pm.

  • It is supervised by teachers who help students with their homework.

  • Reduces the chance of students getting into trouble for not doing homework.

  • Our school actively encourages healthy eating and lifestyle. The school is supplied on a daily basis with fresh breakfast packs.



  • Operates from 8am in the morning to 8:35am.

  • The breakfast club is supervised.

  • It allows students, who leave home early or forget their breakfast, an opportunity to eat something substantial before class begins.

  • Cereals are available as well as orange juice, fruit and a variety of rolls, e.g. cheese, ham, turkey, egg and chicken rolls.

  • Remember, your children will be warm, safe and supervised.


  • Care Team

  • At St. Vincents, we are committed to giving our students a stimulating and challenging educational experience. In order to support our students the school is fortunate to have a care team. This team includes the Principal, Home School Liaison person, Guidance Counsellor, R.E. person and a Counsellor.

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