Mission Statement and a sample of school policies


  • St. Vincent's is a Voluntary Catholic Secondary School for boys operating under the Trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST). As such it is in formed by the ERST Charter which includes the five key elements as guiding principles for this policy:
  • Nurturing faith, Christian spirituality and Gospel-based values
  • Promoting partnership in the school community;
  • Excelling in teaching and learning;
  • Creating a caring school community;
  • Inspiring transformational leadership.

MISSION STATEMENT                   

  • Our mission aims to provide a quality catholic education for all, in the tradition of Edmund Rice, which promotes leadership, fosters community and respects diversity.

ADMISSIONS POLICY                   

  • Please download the admissions policy file here

CODE OF BEHAVIOUR                   

  • Please download the code of behaviour policy file here

ANTI-BULLYING POLICY                   

  • Please download the anti-bullying policy file here

HOMEWORK POLICY                   

  • Please download the homework policy file here

First Year INDUCTION BOOKLET                   

  • Please download the First Year Induction Booklet file here

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